ArithmancyBK is a new company set up in the heart of yorkshire offering bookkeeping services on a cloud accounting platform allowing businesses to focus on whats important and have the finances taken care of in the background.

Choosing XERO as your software provider will give you the ability to see  your business at a glance and be able to map out its future

Arithmancy BK  helps small businesses and sole traders reach their full potential using XERO software for all their bookkeeping needs.

I am a Xero certified advisor and also have attained Payroll & Migration certification, and tax digital. 

I have some great people in my network who will be there to help you with any issues that may arise….

Payroll Guru’s, Legal Cashiers, Bookkeepers & Accountants etc so one of us will be able to answer any query you may have concerning your business

Xero is an accounting software that has come onto the market with all time saving tools that you need to grown your small business. Xero is a secure site an is always reliable with update information

The cost of Xero depends on the size of your business needs there are 3 platforms to choose from, I can give you guidance on which platform will best suit your business

Yes  – Anyone can use Xero as there are different sections of it that have been designed for different users, from the client to the bookkeeper and then the accountant

Bookkeeping AT REASONABLE RATES that will prove to be cost effective for your business.

  payroll – prices on enquiry

 Migration – prices on enquiry 

 Software training provided in 1/2hr or 1hr slots or £400 per day plus travel on top

Various forms available from onsite to webinar, please give us a call as investment in training will pay back dividends


Time Managment

Let me help you manage your time better

Conferences & shows

Let me allow you to go off to trade shows and to be able to showcase your products by giving you time away from the business

Business Budget

Let me always be able to show you where you are financially to enable to to make the right decisions going forward and growing your business

Time is money

Let XERO take the hassle out of everyday paperwork and banking tasks, let me help you grow your business and take the strain and the headaches away and make sure you are always running your business  in profit